At SeekITech, we follow a philosophy in the strict sense, which helps us maintain a structured approach while it comes to offering web development services to our clients. Our web design and development practices guide us to endeavor to produce the end-result that can suit our clients optimally.

Understanding Client's Requirements and Goals: We believe in understanding the clients' requirements that help us underline the project goals. We engage the client in the pre-development planning and note down the intended goals that he or she is trying to achieve through our development services. We thoroughly study the client's needs before starting the development process.

Once the development goals are clear, the project team at SeekITech adopts robust development strategies that can help us accomplish each and every client goal in a successful manner. From the beginning of a project till its finish, our developers follow the set strategies so that all can work in tandem to help develop a product or a solution, capable of meeting all client requirement.

We believe in planning the content flow across the website. This information architecture guides us in the process of content delivery to the audience and to help enhance their overall experience on the website. We pay great attention in designing the user interface and the navigation features of a website, which aim at bringing more user-friendliness to the audience visiting a website.

After doing a careful planning, we start building a website keeping in mind its usability and accessibility from the user's point of view. We always equip a website with robust features and functionalities which users would find very useful to access the website. We make sure that the project roadmap must help us deliver the goals that can enhance users' experience and they must visit the website again and again.

We always give first preference to using open source web technologies so that clients would remain away from the licensing issues and it will prove affordable for them too. Besides providing cost benefits, use of open technologies brings several kinds of advantages and thus we give it priority for our clients.

When we hand over a fully developed website to our clients, we make sure that they enjoy full control over it. We implement user-friendly CMS solutions that can allow them to update/modify the content in the simplest possible manner.

So, our best practices are actually a set of critical considerations that guide us in developing and delivering a successful website. We keep in mind the practical aspects of web development that help our clients to achieve all desired goals that they aim for.