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Welcome to SeekITech

SeekITech is a leading web and software development company based in India offering services to a number of offshore and domestic clients.

We are always in search of resourceful and efficient developers who can be part of our smart team.

We enable our team members to help them achieve high accolades in the world of web and software development by enriching their expertise with our timely cutting-edge training programs. All developers work closely with the clients maintaining a continuous interaction, so that they can help meet all client requirements effectively and conveniently.

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Why hire us


The concept of creativity has made its way to almost all kinds of professions, and we at SeekITech fully acknowledge the ever-increasing need of cultivating unique ideas and concept that can help our clients create their unique brand identities and stay ahead of the competition.

When it comes to producing products and solutions, innovation serves as a guiding force for the team members of SeekITech.


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Here's what just a few of our hundreds of thousands of delighted customers are saying

SeekITech has done wonders to my Application. I have landed a multi million dollar contract and they mentioned how impressed they were with my trucking website. This is exactly why I choose to do business with seekITech .


I had a great experience working with SeekITech and look forward to more projects together.

William Gagnon
Blackrock, CT, United States

Excellent company. Fast workers and knows what they are doing and their communication is very clear. Product was delivered in great shape, Would definitely use SeekITech again for future projects :)

Chicago, United States

SeekItech is a Good Company.

West Palm Beach, Florida, United States

When they starts work with me, I am sure that SeekITech can do all my requirements, in a professional way, it some how like a banking system, with many tiny details, Thanks

Amr Aly
Cairo, Egypt

SeekITech is a very hard working team. They faced some frustrating issues with our project and overcame all obstacles! Great attitude and was always quickly available on Skype for discussion. Hire SeekITech!

Joshua Latimer
Linden, Michigan, United States

SeekITech has Professionals who works very seriously. They has strong potentials to develop important website while measuring implications in complex situations. Well done for your incredible added value!

Carouge, Geneva, Switzerland

Absolutely would work with SeekITech again. SeekITech has provided me with professional service and the final outcome is exactly what I asked for. SeekITech can be trusted. You get your monies worth when hiring them.

Liverpool, Onondaga, New York, United States.

After a bad experience with a company I was a bit cautious. This was a tricky project but SeekITech has done an excellent job. They were open to feedback and quick in making the required fixes.Recommended!

Umar Garcia Tariq
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Does excellent work, very responsive, and fairly priced. Don't hire someone else.

Louis Rossmann
New York, United States

Well done...needed extra features and got them without problems...will hire again

Abdulrahman Alnasri
Buraidah, Saudi Arabia

Thanks for an awesome Job!

Wendy Bongalis-Royer
Highland Heights, Ohio, United States.

SeekITech is a responsible company. Also, they have professional skills at Codeigniter, PHP and MySQL. I appreciate their work, I will work with them again.

Chula Vista, San Diego, California, United States

SeekITech is an extremely committed & diligent company. They have extensive coding & technical expertise and they are willing to go the extra mile to make sure the project requirements are met. I will definitely be working with SeekITech on future projects.

Darcy Byrne
urry Hills, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

SeekITech was the right choice because they worked with care and they were also been able to handle the changes in the project arrived during the work. I will choose yet SeekITech for the maintenance of this project and for my new projects.

Pesaresi Stefano
Rimini, Italy

I wasted lot of time and money on hiring different company to do this job, but all of them failed to provide the required results but finally I found the right team for this job. SeekITech is definitely the right company, They are professional, and knows their stuff and they are able to deliver on time. I would definitely hire SeekITech for more jobs.

Sandeep Singh

Order made according to the specifications, very good communication, you can safely trust SeekITech. They can make every task work! Thank you very much for your cooperation. Definitely would use the services of SeekITech in the future. Kind Regards Paper Charms Team

Kamil Krawczak
Poznań, Poland

Great job! Thanks for going the extra mile! It"ll keep us coming back to you guys for more projects in the future. Nice work.

Peter Leonard
Midland, Texas, United States

Good to work with

Henning Rehder

Good service, Nice English, Overall good

Alan Heigl
Omišalj, Croatia

SeekITech did a tough job that others failed to do.

Anup Pandey
Austin, Texas, United States

SeekITech is good to work with

David Tran
San Francisco, United States

SeekITech is great. They were extremely helpful and knowledgeable regarding my project. I would highly recommend SeekITech and I will definitely hire them again.

Laura Lehrhaupt
Fairfield, California, United States

Second project with SeekITech! They did exactly as required and really fast, would hire again for any project.


I appreciate the help and support SeekITech provided me. Hoping we can do more work together in the future.

Jose "JJ" Porcell
La Crescenta, Los Angeles, USA

SeekITech is great, They understood what we wanted and worked with some existing code which was pretty hard to understand. Very trustworthy. Will hire again for any future projects.

Luke Bullock
Burton, United kingdom

Very speedy job, and delivered exactly as what is required. Perfect!

Luke Chong

SeekITech is a blessing in disguise. I hired this team for one project & worked with them to complete a couple projects. I was hesitant to use seekitech.com because this would be my first attempt at doing so... however, I will continue to work with seekITech because of the exceptional work they produced! I am beyond satisfied with the quality of their work and the level of their professionalism! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SEEKITECH!

Arous Ajaryan
Burbank, United States.

SeekITech did a very good job, satisfied all requirements on budget. Very courteous, great communication. Also took time to teach and provide support during the entire project. Superb!

Brandon Chavez
Oklahoma City, United States

Great developers, do the work and is reactive ! Would hire again

Tom Ledoyen
Presles, France

Highest Recommendation from a USA provider

Jared Mitchell
San Clemente, California, USA

Very professional, Very creative. Would hire again when the time comes. Did not stop until I was 100% satisfied

Shane Speake
Clovis, California, United States.

My complex project was completed on time and with better results than expected. Thanks to the SeekITech's diligence an know-how. SeekITech is a conscientious knowledgeable team whom I certainly will call upon in the future.

Trevikem, Malibu
United States

I cant stress enough how important for time and budget management it is to have someone like this working for if I ever need another project done this is one of my go to guys thanks again for a amazing app.

Ernie Casilla
United States

SeekItech is absolutely amazing. They went above and beyond on my project and delivered everything as promised. their communication was unmatched, sent updates daily, and asked questions to confirm the highest quality in their work. I rate them A+++ in a second. I will definitely be using SeekITech again in the near future for projects. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Jeff Mclean
Encinitas, California, United States

Very professional work done by SeekITech!. I'm satisfied. There is no question I will HIRE this team AGAIN.

Gerard Wilson
Dallas, United States

Requirement was reached; Job came in on budget and was completed in an acceptable timeframe. I will look to hire again, would recommend.

Zach Zigelbaum
Manchester, Cheshire, United Kingdom

SeekITech has PRO developers. It was pleasure to work with them. Will certainly hire again.

Alexander Menshikov
Los Angles, United States

Great job! Despite the fact that there was a little misunderstanding in the beginning, the work was done well and on budget. The SeekITech posses expertise in given technologies and I felt comfortable to rely on the experience provided by the SeekITech. Feel free to contact this team in your future projects.

Daniel Myasnilov
Sydney, Australia

Amazing job by SeekITech fast professional and really good communication looking forward to work again in future. Thank you for the great outcome!

Manhattan, Spain

My usual supplier was off on holiday thus needed to urgently find a team who would complete the development in a short space of time came across SeekITech and they ran me through their process, provided me with a good quote and constant communication throughout. they worked well, efficiently and when there were a few changes to be made they did not complain they just did them.I have gained a very reliable new supplier and will certainly be giving them more work in the near future!

Sandeep Gupta
London, United Kingdom

Exceptional and reliable team. They were very accurate in execution and finished on time.

Tinashe Rusike
Seattle, United States

All I can say - VERY SATISFIED with the job done!!!!!! It has been our pleasure to work with SeekITech. Tasks were done as per our requirements and anytime there was a change request it was done with no questions asked.Thank you for all the hard work!!!

Syan Selva
Toronto, Canada

SeekITech did a wonderful job, understanding requirements & coding. will hire again

Damian Frenamdez
Puerto Rico

Great work, Fast turnaround, and kept in contact.

Inverness, United States

A real rock star team!

Whilly Bermudez
Miami, Florida, United States

Very fast work. If you need stuff done fast and to look really professional they are who you should work with. Will use again

Chris Cox
Oxford, United Kingdom

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